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    Kids love learning here!

    *Nice hot meals, and healthy snacks. *Kids love learning Reading, Writing, Cooking, Conducting Science Experiments, Going to the Library, Having Story Time, One...

    Babysitter - Nanny - Oakland, CA - love and learning
    11 Apr

    Requiero trabajo en limpeza de casas o cuidando ninos...

    me gusta trabajar con los ninos, me interesa la lectura y tengo muchas abilidades en la limpieza de casas y la cocina. Especificamente ne cocina Mexicana.

    Babysitter - Nanny - Oakland, CA
    09 Mar

    Babysitting for kiddies, yes, but in French!

    Getting used to a foreign environment, its sounds and tones, as early as possible is a precious gift I propose for you to offer to your children. The earlier ch...

    Babysitter - Nanny - Oakland, CA
    07 Feb


    my name is roxy. im willin to babysit. enough exp. any question just contact me.

    Babysitter - Nanny - Oakland, CA
    01 Jun


    Im 23 yrs. I have expirence with home child care... Any questions If interested. Email me thanks maria roxane

    Babysitter - Nanny - Oakland, CA
    13 Mar

    caring and reliable nanny or personal assistant for seniors

    I'm a caring and reliable caregiver with 6 years of experience working with children as well as seniors.In addition I have complete two years of nursing school ...

    Babysitter - Nanny - Oakland, CA
    17 Apr

    Get Date Night Back! Babysitters and Nannies Available Today!

    All sitter profiles have been created or updated within the previous three months. Please visit to find, review, and contact sitters in your...

    Babysitter - Nanny - Oakland, CA
    09 Dec